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What is the Platform?

First, Echelon Platform allows you to decouple how a board performs and what it looks like. When you preorder, you can select from the default graphic, choose a different one, black it out or go all white—and if that isn't enough, go custom and make your own statement. The Platform takes our three base board models, the Necromancer, the Overlord, and the Turbolover, and gives you the freedom to choose. Never again should you need to bow to what others think is "cool", or have to choose between looks and ride characteristics. Finally, you're the boss.
The other part of the Platform is a dramatic break from the way the industry makes boards.The rest of the industry makes boards on a yearly schedule. They do a WAG (Wild Ass Guess) on what you want and need, and then your local shop makes another WAG on how many are needed. Sometimes it works out. Often, it doesn't. The industry rolls the dice every year, hoping it doesn't roll snake eyes. When it does, everyone suffers, from the manufacturer to the consumer. It would be hilarious to watch if it weren't so damn sad.
Instead of following this destructive trend off the cliff, we now make boards multiple times a year, so that we can adjust to your needs faster and make tweaks and modifications faster as well. The final result is better customer service, better products, and less reliance on the bullshit forecasting that every year sticks snowboarding with unsold inventories due to lower-than-expected snowfalls, and bad guesses about what's "in" (hint: WHO CARES).

So, you can choose from one of multiple delivery windows. This is great if you live in the Southern Hemi by the way; you'll be able to order an aggregate order with your countrymen and get it shipped economically en masse, to be delivered by a local distributor. The snowboard industry needs to get shaken up and rebuilt better, stronger, faster, more agile. Usually, snowboarders are really good at doing that; we're a long line of people that do things our own way. Let's do this together. Let's lead the way.

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